Design Tricks to Spruce Your Home Interior

Maybe you just moved in to your new living space whether it is for longer period or  only for a year or two, there are numerous interior design tricks you can implement to spruce your home interior. Of course it would really be comforting and relaxing to come home to a lovely and well-designed living space. See, you do not have to do so much to achieve this; have you heard about the saying which states that the most often, it is the smallest things that creates significant impact.  Below are ideas which you can explore.

  1. Softer and lighter colours are best when a space is small.  It creates the illusion of a bigger room.  We don’t want to feel cramped so you can actually take advantage of wide windows and softer and lighter tones.  If you have a spacious space then it is alright to go for darker colours.2658587012_1d8c065027_o
  2. Make use of mirrors; mirrors have other functions. It can make a room appear large than it is at the same time it helps catch natural light thus provides excellent lighting to your interior.  If you have empty wall space, you can have decorative mirror and that wall will now be stunning!
  3. If you want elegant storage yet not too pricey, wicker basket is the answer. You can store books or just about anything inside a wicker basket. They come in various sizes so you can have those smaller ones on your counter top for storing  table napkins for instance.9020164944_5cd438db7e_o (1)
  4. You can make your kitchen warm as well as inviting with just the magic of pot holders. When you hang a pot rack, it also adds elegance.  When you have several things hanging, it makes the look of your kitchen very dynamic and that is what kitchens should be.
  5. There is no need to buy all the things to spruce your interiors. Check what you already have because you may have forgotten you have a pretty vase kept in a box.

These are simple tips to implement so there is no excuse of having a dull interior!  Why not start now and get that spruced interior in front of you.  Visit this site for more ideas.


Top Ways to Save Money at Home

Saving can sometimes be difficult but here are some tips t o help you start.

  1. Pay your debt

When you are attempting to have savings by allocating funds for your basic consumption and other obligations yet you are still having difficulties in fulfilling debt payments, you  may need to examine these debts. Not persuaded? Why don’t you add the fees you incur because of your debts and then you may see immediately what’s causing you from having to get all interests settled. These interest expense can be your savings .You may want to consider consolidating all your debts for a start.


  1. Set Cost savings Goals

Among the very best methods to save is by picturing exactly what you are saving for. If you require inspiration, set starting saving targets in addition to a timeline making it much easier to start saving. Maybe you would like to purchase a home in 3 years with a 20 % down payment? Now you have a target and understand exactly what you will have to save monthly to attain your objective.

  1. Practice paying yourself first

You may consider an automatic deduction from your bank account to a separate savings account each payday. Depending on your saving goals, this should help you determine how much you allocate for savings each month.

  1. Stop Smoking cigarettes

Yes, it’s definitely challenging to give up, however if you smoke 2 packs a day and that sixtypacks in a month multiplied by 12 months in a year, that is already a significant amount which could have been your savings.

  1. Why not opt for a “Staycation”.

Though the term might be stylish, the idea behind it is strong.  You will be saving a lot when you just find some things to do at home rather than go to places and spend a bulk on airline tickets.  I am pretty sure there are better ways to spend a staycation.  You may just even spend half of your whole vacation budget.

  1. Invest to Conserve.

Let’s face it, energy expenses hardly ever decrease gradually, so why not taking control now and weatherize your house. Contact your energy provider and request for an energy audit.  Then find a qualified specialist who can provide you a thorough performance evaluation. This will vary from simple enhancements like sealing doors and windows all the way to setting up brand-new insulation. You might conserve thousands in energy expenses with time.  Usually the utility provider will give recommendations and most likely a double glazing in Edinburgh may be one in the list.

  1. Energy Cost savings.

Reducing the thermostat on your hot water heater by 10 ° F can let you conserve to at most 5 % in energy expenses. And setting up an on-demand or tankless hot water heater can let you save up to 30 % on energy cost.  You add this savings to what you can save when you use a window with  double glazing in Edinburgh, that’s a lot of savings already.

I how these seven money saving tips will get you to a good start.

The 6 Best Cities in the World for Shopping and Fashion

Have I ever mentioned before that shopping is one of my magic tricks?  It is, mainly because I can mix and match pretty well!  If you are someone like me who loves shopping, I’m sure you’d be interested to know the following places in case you still don’t know.

  1. Melbourne

Are you kidding me? Of course Melbourne should be a place that pops when you talk about shopping and fashion.  It’s actually the Oz’s fashion capital.  You should know that Melbourne has a tremendous influence on Oceania’s fashion scene.  There are a lot of homegrown brands that boasts European style and craftsmanship that are so popular in the opulent Australian Market.


Australia may be known for their barbecues and beaches but definitely, fashion and shopping are something they’ve made a statement on.

  1. Amsterdam

You may think that Netherlands is so influenced by its European neighbors and that fashion is not something they give so much interest in but you are wrong.  When it comes to street wear, you’ll be amazed.  My cousin visited Amsterdam last year and I was so in love with my new pair of ETQ and Filling Pieces.  Have I mentioned that Amsterdam is the home of the well known label Pate?

  1. Vancouver

When you hear the brands like Arc’teryx and Reigning Champ, what comes to mind of course is Vancouver.  Vancouver may not be far from the influence of American Fashion but Vancouver has its own fashion industry and prosperous at that.  If you want to find the best Canuck brands, it has to be here!


  1. Berlin

When you talk about Berlin fashion, it is always associated with individuality.  Today a new breed of designers is proving their names in the international fashion landscape like Hien Le crop, Sadak and Simon Freund.  Since more and more fashion designers are drawn to Berlin because of the easy lifestyle and low rents, we expect to hear more from the German capital about fashion.

  1. Los Angeles

When you go to LA, you may think that it only knows denims, tees and flip-flops.  Even if the older generation would say, that you can dress anything you like, this is L.A., it is actually starting to house new breed of fashion designers from all over the world. It may not be like Paris and New York but hey, it’s on its way.  Los Angeles is the hub for BUSCEMI, Rodarte and even Joyrich!

  1. Milan

When it is shopping and fashion, Milan can’t be discounted.  We couldn’t expect less from Milan being the home of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts who produced the best designers ever like Ann Demeulemeester,  Martin Margiela and Kriss Van Assche.


6 Mistakes First Time Decorators Make (and how to avoid them)

Whether you are a homeowner or someone who dream of making a career in interior decorating, here is a list of decorating blunders you should avoid.

1. Don’t hang art pieces too high.

I’m pretty sure that you have seen art pieces hung too high on walls in someone else’s home you have visited. I don’t know if they just want them at some “altitude” so nobody can touch it and so it won’t be destroyed or something. I get them but art works are meant to be at eye-level; art pieces are meant to be appreciated. You don’t need to crane your neck if you want to check on your collections.

2. Don’t wish for a lifestyle you don’t have now.
When you decorate your own home or decorating someone else’s house, you have to consider the people living in the house. You don’t go for white themed fixtures when there are kids around. You can just imagine how high maintenance would that be. Hence find a sofa with fun print fabrics or rust color theme may just work. Another example, you have to ask the homeowner if they eat with the TV on sight so you can have that considered. Designing a home is all about a balance of functionality and beauty.

3. Don’t put things against the wall.

living room
It is a big misconception that putting furniture and fixtures against the wall can make the area spacious. This is totally wrong and should be avoided. Let’s say for instance you have a sofa and their on the edges of your living room and then at the center is a rug; this arrangement makes the space looks small. Do a visual trick instead by making sure that the sofa is on the rug because this will hide the edges of the rug and is actually the visual trick.

4. Don’t stick to a single theme.
While it may seem nice to have one full theme for an entire house, it can make the atmosphere boring. You will need to add variety to keep the aura of the house alive and vibrant. Bedrooms can be differently themed for example.

5. Don’t go for totally matching furniture

The tendency is to buy a love seat and a club chair having the same fabric along with several throw pillows. You think that it’s nice because all of them match one another. This is a big NO because the best thing to do is being able to mix the styles and the fabrics. Coordination is important but not necessarily all of the items matching.

6. Don’t paint the walls without choosing furnishings first.
When your client says, “I love beige for my walls,” you shouldn’t say “yes” immediately. You have to see her furnishings first or ask her if she has plans of buying new ones. Paints are easy to mix and you can come up with tint you’d like but fabrics is not something you mix like paint, it’s more difficult to find fabrics to match the paint.
I really hope you’d get something out of these decorating blunders.

How to Create a Mood Board

Since I got into interior designing I make sure I have a mood board. You see, most of the time when I want to come up with a design, I tend to look for inspiration.  When I go out to a grocery store and I see an eye catching packaging with great colour combination, I stop and take a good look at it.  There are times I see greeting cards and I like how it looks so I buy it.  When I am browsing the net and I find cool designs, I make sure I have it bookmarked.  I have the tendency to collect and hopefully all of these will make sense into one brilliant concept.



A mood board is a way to start creating a design.  It brings you the following benefits:

  1. It is helpful for you in a sense that ideas can all be seen in one place and these ideas are where you can start. It saves you the time because you can focus on what is in your board.
  2. Most of all, it is also helpful to the client because more or less you are giving the client an idea what the finish product would be like. It also allows open discussion and thus misunderstanding is avoided.  A mood board holds the ideas together.

Speaking of ideas, it does help you not to go over the top.  In other words, it’s a form of a reminder of the things you will need and the things you won’t.  Most often than not when we see beautiful things, we easily get attracted.  That is a general truth that is also true when you want to redecorate a home. It’s that easy to be distracted and so the mood board is a tool designers/decorators can utilize to control that creative juices from overflowing.

Creating a mood board starts with compiling various ideas like colour scheme, fabrics, shapes, pictures among many other things.  It’s a creative process where you can explore on the possibilities.  Here you can be as flexible as possible by trying various options.  When your idea has now become more or less concrete, you can then start with your sample board.  This sample board is going to contain samples of products and images that you want to be incorporated to your actual design.  This alone will give you a picture on what the decoration will look like.

A mood board can be the conventional one where you have to cut and paste. Nowadays though, with the use of computer, it is easy to start a mood board for interior design not to mention the various sources of design in the internet.

The whole process of collecting, compiling, isolating and finally coming up with a sample board is a tedious process.  However, once it is done, you become excited all the more to start and implement the plan into a stunning reality.

4  Things to Remember When Putting Your Living Space on Airbnb


bedroomAirbnb is popular site where you can list your living space for rent for certain periods.  In case you have a guest room and you want it utilized while at the same time earn, Airbnb is a good place to look for paying guests.  It’s an accommodation platform which allows anyone with extra space to put this up for other people to stay.  If you have a whole property to rent or just a room to spare, you can list it on this site.  It opens an opportunity to turn your place into an income generator.

Here are some important things to remember when you put your living space on Airbnb.


You must be able to respond to guests’ queries and bookings.  Airbnb is strict on this area because it wants to ensure customer experience at all times.  Make sure you are able to respond within in an hour and this will get your profile on the top list.  If you are not quick to respond, Airbnb, upon proper evaluation, has the option to take your listing down. If this happens, it will cost you your time and potential income.


How you fill in the information about your place will give Airbnb an idea how much should be your nightly rate.  It is important that you give a great deal of information but not to the extent of misinformation.  You have to be good in representing your space, describing it to the best way possible with all the necessary details there is to know.  More information could mean higher listing rate.


How much do I charge? Now, that’s an interesting question because there is no one else who sets the rate but you.  When you do this, you just don’t decide without clear basis but it should be based on market research.  You can also check on the site’s current listing to have a good idea.

When you do set the rate, be sure to consider size of space, house condition, amenities e.g. wifi, coffee maker among many others.

Airbnb will recommend a list price for you and it is up to you if you could negotiate a higher rate.  Once you have agreed on the list price you can also arrange for extra fees for security deposits, weekend rates or cleaning fees.


You will have to stage your place for great looking photos that will be used to advertise your place.  You will really have to do a good job at this so you’ll get bookings.  If you have to hire someone to do this for you, then do it.  Anyway, just treat it as an expense that you’ll be able to recover when sales are coming in.  One thing you have to ensure though, don’t make too much promises on your photos that you are not able to fulfill.  If you portray your place as peaceful and relaxing, your guests should experience that when they are there.  The guests will surely give you great reviews which could mean more future bookings.

Good luck!